how to make your boobs grow faster

How to make your boobs grow faster

It’s a dream for all women to have bigger boobs like those models seen on TV. Actually, big breasts attract attention in men. There are very many ways to make your boobs grow faster and increasing a breast size, ranging from natural to artificial.

Doing breast exercises

If you never knew, exercises can trigger breast enlargement naturally. Specifically, the type of exercises for increasing the size of boobs is known as breast exercises. It is the most preferable method since it is simple, can be done at home, and above all it is safe.

Examples of breast exercises to enlarge your breasts

Modified push-ups: to do this kind of exercise, a lady needs to lie flat on her stomach, bend the knees, cross the ankles, and palms facing the floor. Then, she should push the body upwards till her arms are straight, followed by returning to the initial position and repeating the procedure.

Wall press: to do this, stand at a wall with your palms leaning against it and at the chest level. Start leaning towards the wall till the face is about to touch it, followed by pushing the body back. Repeat this procedure 15 times.

Chest press: hold dumbbells at each hand, then start by lifting them upwards while maintaining the elbow bent to be in line with the shoulders. When aligned, begin straightening your arms.
These exercises are supposed to enhance pectoral muscles which in turn will increase the breast size

Breast massage to make your boobs grow fast

This is another way to make breasts become bigger. The method stimulates the flow of blood leading to a better circulation in the breast zone. Also, this exercise makes breasts become healthier. It is considered to be one of the cheapest, safe and natural boob enlargement technique.

Functions of breast massage

  • Makes cells of the breast area to be healthy.
  • Plays the role of a lymph node flush
  • Shapes the boobs
  • Enhances blood circulation

Remember to use massaging oil when doing this type of exercise, and make sure your hands move towards the middle of the body.

Eat healthy foods that make your boobs grow faster

It is not a secret that the food you consume directly affects your day to day health status, breasts included. This means that for you to have good health, make sure the food that enters your mouth is not junk.

Types of food you should eat

Make sure your diet had fruits, whole grains and vegetables like cucumber, carrots, and apples. These foods provide essential nutrients which the body needs and for regulation of testosterone levels. Also, whole grain have lots of fiber which is essential for increasing cup size.

Fats. Make it a routine of taking olive oil, and sunflower oil.
Foods rich in estrogen. Small breasts are associated with lack of estrogen. To have higher estrogen levels, take beans, chickpeas, fenugreek seeds, pepper, ginger, and oregano.

Taking herbal supplements

There exists pills that can be used to enlarge boobs. Their working mechanism is that they help in the balancing of particular hormones in the body. Actually, these pills are manufactured from herbs which are similar to hormones that are responsible for boob growth. Examples of herbs used to manufacture herbal supplements are blessed thistle, damiana, ginseng, dong quai root, and biloba.

Advice: use herbal supplements are have been proved to be working as many of the manufacturers do not make pills that are effective.

Surgical Options to make your boobs grow faster

These methods are known to be instant boob enlarging if used, though they cannot be used by everyone due to the high cost. There actually exists two surgical methods of enlarging your boobs.

Saline breast implants: they are also known as silicone shells, which are completely occupied with sterile water, or some plastic gel called silicone.

Fat grafting. It is a wish for every woman to have big breasts, but unluckily some of them possess tiny ones. This surgical option involves extracting fats from areas in the body that are flabby like thighs or the stomach, followed by injecting them in breasts.

If you are that woman with a need of increasing the breast size naturally, choose one of the above options and give it a try. If you need them urgently, consider surgical options as the perfect solution.