How to make your boobs grow bigger

How to make your boobs grow bigger

Development of breast is natural in women and it occurs during puberty. Breasts makes a lady feel more of a woman and when it too small it lowers your self-esteem and confidence. For a beautiful and sexy look for a woman, breast size is very crucial. The breast size as well determines confidence of a woman before men. Therefore, if your breast size is small, the following guidelines, suggestions and recommendations can help make your boobs grow bigger and  increase breast size.

  1. Trying home remedies like natural oils, creams or breast-enhancing herbs
  2. Exercise and Diet
  3. Getting medications
  4. Giving breasts visual boosts

1- Try home remedies like natural oils, creams or breast-enhancing herbs to make your boobs grow bigger

Breast enlarging herbs.

A selection has been made of plant supplements and herbs that can purpote breast growth and are available for sale both in natural healing and online stores. The most scientifically proven and effective are the Western cures. Some of the herbs that increase breast growth are; kava, fennel, wild yam, saw palmetto, fenugreek, black cohosh, chaste berry and Pueraria Mirifica.

Natural oils and creams.

When using enlarging herbs, to be more effect, additional use of creams, oils and lotions is advised.

Breast massaging.

Massaging your breasts in the right technique causes some breast growth. To ensure growth, use special creams and oils or gadgets when massaging. It is among the safest and inexpensive mode of encouraging breast growth and leaves you relaxed and mood is improved.

2- Exercise and diet to make your boobs growing bigger

Growth of breast is mainly stimulated by a hormone found in women called estrogen, hence the daily food we consume should include substance which will increase your estrogen level in your body such as: soymilk, sesame seeds, flaxseeds, soybeans. The above food substance contain different type of phytol-estrogen which increase the hormone estrogen in the body which stimulate breast growth. Vegetable such as cabbage, kales, cauliflower. Fruits such as melons, oranges, strawberries are good source of phytol-estrogen too.

Proteins are known as body building food hence including them in your daily meal it more of advantage to your body. Vitamins are the main source of good looking skin and for breast to look sexy they have to be smooth and soft, therefore they need vitamins to look good. For instance, vitamin A, keep the skin nourished, keeping it away from dryness and a flaky skin. Vitamin E, Keeps the skin in general health and in top shape, where this vitamins they are available in even local stores. Doing exercise aiming at building back, shoulder and pectoral muscles would greatly increase breast.

Pectoral muscles

Pumping iron not only improves mood and strength but also is among an effective way to increase breasts. Building chest muscles just underneath your breast will improve firmness, perkiness and size of breast. Some of the recommended exercises are: chest presses, involves lying on back with feet flat and knees bent then with your elbows bent at an angle 90 degrees hold a dumbbell then using your chest muscles lift it up severally. Do it regularly a week. Push-ups: entails getting on your knees and hands then stretch out your legs and on feet tips balance. Using your chest and arms return back to original position.

Shoulder and back muscles.

Keeping your shoulder and back muscles strong will help in the upper body firm hence maintaining an erect and pert posture. Some of the exercises to achieve this are: Y Raise and Renegade Row.

If thin, consider weight gaining.

Primary composition of breasts is fatty tissue. Hence, as you lose weight, the fatty tissue lose weight. Therefore if thin with small boobs, adding few fats would increase breast size. To avoid excess bulky, following a healthy diet when trying to add on weight is advised. Increased intake of healthy fats, lean proteins, complex carbohydrates instead of sugars and unhealthy fats is recommended for breast growth.

3. Getting medications to make your boobs grow bigger in quick time

Birth control pills.

Birth control pills not only prevent pregnancy but as well increase breast growth as among side effects of birth controls based on hormones, is breast growth.

Estrogen and progesterone therapy.

Estrogen and progesterone are female hormones naturally produced in the body. Estrogen and progesterone therapy entails use of estrogen and progesterone supplements which are effective in increasing breast growth.

Use of SSRIs.

Among the side effects of using this medication is enlargement of breasts. Therefore this antidepressant is recommended for breast growth.

4. Giving breasts visual boosts.

This entails, practicing a good posture by standing straight with shoulders back and head high and push chest out. Also wear embellished tops with frilly, puffy, ruffled material that give a visual large breast. As well wear the correct size of bra and that allows breasts to lift up also consider wearing a push up bra and avoid tight and thin bras.