how to get bigger breasts in a week

How to get bigger breasts in a week

Women with big breast tend to look more beautiful and attractive to men. For this reason, every woman dreams of having big cups that can be noticed. Good news is that it is possible to get bigger breasts or increase boobs size in a week through various ways like: surgical procedure, wearing push-up bras, gaining some weight, and doing breast exercises.


10 best ways of getting bigger breasts in just a week time

Female hormone balancing

Generally, for the body and its parts to grow, there are some hormones which trigger the growth process. This means that even boobs can be enlarged when some set of hormones are balanced and gotten into the body system.

Increasing estrogen

Estrogen is a hormone known to facilitate the overall female characteristics. For one to have an increase in boob size, estrogen needs to be released moderately into the body. One of way of doing it is consuming foods that have phytoestrogen.

Foods with high content of phytoestrogen.

Soybeans, ground flaxseeds, dried apricots, cereals, tofu, soymilk, sesame seeds, chickpeas, fenugreek, and Alfalfa Sprouts.


This type of hormone is generated once a month when the menstrual cycle happens. It is known to help in making the hips and breasts grow bigger.

Foods rich in progesterone

Fortified cereals, egg yolk, cheese, milk, wild yams, walnuts, whole grains, and chicken.


This is a hormone that triggers the growth of mammary glands, in such a way that it accumulates fats around the breasts. The body produces this hormone mainly during pregnancy and at puberty, though it can be generated when one takes herbs and by massaging the breasts with specific oils like tea tree oil and lavender oil.

Growth hormone

This is the hormone that is responsible in developing each and every part of a woman, breasts inclusive. One fact about this hormone is that it is directly affected by age, in that it is high during adolescence and at maturity it declines.

To help the body keep producing it, one needs to maintain some basic habits.

  • Exercising regularly for the body to produce it
  • Consuming foods which have high content of the hormone form
  • Having enough sleep each day.
  • Foods with high content of growth hormone
  • Coconut oil, fava beans, yoghurt, soy beans, and raw fish


Exercising for bigger breasts

Exercises known to quickly develop boobs are those whereby you use your hand to stimulate pectoralis major, which are muscles found around the breasts. Within days of doing so, one is able to note an increase in boob size.

Chest press with dumbbell

This exercise helps in making the chest and pectoral muscles big. In doing it, breast tissues protrude outwards thus increasing their size.

How chest press is done

Lie facing up on a bench which is inclined, while holding dumbbells on each side. Begin by lifting them towards your chest while straightening the arms. Lower them and start the procedure all over again.

Doing push-ups.

This kind of exercise helps the pectoral region to strengthen, and in doing so, the chest becomes big including the breasts.

How to do push-ups

One needs to lie flat on her stomach while maintaining her arms bent and palms pressing against the floor.
Begin by pushing your body up while maintaining your knees straight with the feet still on the floor. Push up the body till the arms are straight, then lower it and start all over again.

Shoulder and back muscles exercises

This is done by maintaining the shoulder and back muscles firm. This assist in keeping the upper body strong which in turn maintains a pert posture. The most common exercises to try are renegade row and Y raise.

Breast massaging

Breast massaging can be another quick way of get bigger breasts and making them become huge in no time. One thing to note is that when massaging them, you should use special oils like tea tree oil and lavender oil. When breasts are massaged, they become firm and increase in size due to the increase in secretion and better flow of prolactin that are responsible for breast growth.


Wearing of padded bras

This technique is largely used by young ladies. It involves using breast enhancers so that when people look at you they see big boobs.