how to get bigger boobs fast

How to get bigger boobs fast | 3 Best Ways

Women tend to be highly concerned about their appearance. The size and alignment of the breasts are factors that are closely watched by beauty conscious women. Some women are endowed with naturally large and sturdy breasts. Those with small breasts are often ridiculed. Women with large breasts are therefore considered sexier and attractive. No one want wants to look undesirable. The pressure has pushed a significant number of women to seek cosmetic breast augmentation procedures and other remedies. We are going to give you best and safe ways to get bigger boobs fast using home remedies, surgery techniques and use of pills and creams.

Remedies for getting bigger boobs (breast enlargement) are uncountable. Beauticians have devised an array of methods ranging from home remedies, pills, creams, hormones alteration and surgery among others. Natural remedies are considered to be most effective but requires a great deal of patience and additives.

  1. Home Remedies Using Organic Seeds and Herbs
  2. Augmentation Surgery Techniques
  3. Use of Pills and Creams


1. Home remedies using organic seeds, herbs, massaging and exercises are best & safest ways to get bigger boobs fast

They are interventions that can be easily undertaken and are considered cheaper. They mostly involve readily available products or activities that can be undertaken as normal lifestyle practices.


It’s a remedy endorsed by practitioners of both traditional and alternative medicine. Massaging promotes circulation of blood and stretches chest muscles thus making breasts look bigger and firmer over a period of time. Almond and olive oils are oil of choice during massaging for better results.
The oil is rubbed between the palms to produce heat then placed on the breasts where rubbing continues in a circle. This is done in the mornings and evenings everyday achieving between 100 and 300 of similar rubs. This is done for at least three months for better results.


Entails activities that involves shoulders and arms movement resulting to skin and muscle tissue toning around the chest area. Such activities include press-ups, bench-presses, wall push-ups, and chest compression. The exercises are done under a personal trainer for 1 hour every day. Periodic evaluations should be done to check the progress.

Use of Organic Seeds and Herbs

Fenugreek, Red Clover, Pueraria mirifica and Fennel Seeds are among the plant remedies recommended by herbalists for sturdier breasts.

Wheat Germ Oil

Oil from wheat germ is rich in Vitamin E which delays breast sagging thus keeping them firm. It also promotes blood circulation. A few drops of the oil are massaged on the breasts for 10 minutes and then washed after a short time with warm water on daily basis for at least 3 months.


It is a small three-leaved herb valued by herbalists. Other than boosting milk production in lactating mothers, this herb also stimulates estrogen and progesterone release. These are normally breast enlargement hormones.
Fenugreek powder is mixed in water to form a paste which is then smeared on breasts and allowed to dry up after which it is rinsed off. Smearing the chest area and breasts with Fenugreek oil is also recommended. All these are carried out for at least 10 minutes daily for 3 months.

Pueraria Mirifica

This plant contains phytoestrogens such as miroestrol, genistein and deoxymiroestrol. Its extracts can be found in creams, soaps and gels or in tablet form. The phytoestrogens have been found to be the balancing factor in hormone levels in female’s body. A daily dosage of 250mg is advised. The gel is rubbed on the breasts three times every day for three months.

Red Clover

This too, contains phytoestrogens. The dried flowers are added in a cup with hot water and allowed to cool for 30 minutes. The resultant water is drunk as tea thrice a day for three months.

Fennel Seeds

They contain flavonoids which raises the estrogen level while promoting growth of the breast tissue.
Drinking tea made from fennel seeds has been found to be effective. The seeds are also heated with cod liver oil in a pan and allowed to cool for half an hour. The resulting product is then gently rubbed on breasts and the chest area for10 minutes. The surface is the washed with warm water after 30 minutes. This is done daily for 3 months.


2. Augmentation surgery techniques to get bigger boobs fast

There are four surgical augmentation techniques to get bigger boobs.

Inframammary Augmentation

It’s a technique of choice for a lot of women. The implant is placed in a breaching close to the breasts and chest wall intersection. The tissues inside the breast are not affected and there is normal production of milk. The procedure, however, requires an experienced and skilled surgeon to minimize unwanted effects.

Transaxillary Augmentation.

Unlike in inframammary augmentation, the technique has a minimized chance of leaving a visible scar. An incision is made on uppermost and on outside region of the breast close to the junction between the torso and the arm. The surgeon should place the incision below the muscle. There is negligible impact on milk production since the incision is placed away from the glandular tissue.

Periareolar Augmentation.

The technique involves creating an incision round the areola. The implant placed at this region, however, has considerable effect on milk production due to damage on nerves and glands.

Transumbilical Augmentation.

The implant is introduced to breasts through an incision made through the navel. This leaves the breast free from scars and spares them any form of damage to the tissues. This however depends on the skill of the surgeon. The procedure is also difficult to carry out and lead to damage of the umbilicus (navel)


3. Use of right pills and creams to get bigger boobs fast

Pills and Creams become handy in case the “patient” does not want to undertake the often time consuming exercises and massages, gooey home remedies or going under the knife. There are drugs and creams that achieve larger and firmer breasts just by following the prescription.


The drug enlarges the breasts and gives the taker a bustier look at the same time. It’s among the top enlargement pills in the market.
The pills have Fenugreek extract, Wild Yam, L-Tyrosine, Atlantic Kelp among other enhancement ingredients in its formula.

Total Curve

As the name suggests, the cream defines the hips to achieve a curvy look. It also lifts and firms the breasts when smeared owing to presence of Saw palmetto, Fennel and Lentil Oils in its formula.

Breast Actives

It is a solution with a potent formula that enlarges and firms up breasts in a matter of weeks. It has very high effectiveness rating of 96/100. The solution contains Damiana, Hops Flower, Fennel, Fenugreek, Wild Yam, Saw Palmetto, and Blessed Thistle.


These are the best and safe ways to get bigger boobs fast using home remedies, surgery techniques and use of pills and creams. If you would like to add your discovery or recommendation please discuss in comments box below.