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Breast Actives Cream

Breast Actives natural breast enhancement uses a unique mix of homeopathic extracts that replicate what happens to your body during puberty, just as our hormones encouraged or body to produce breast tissue, the herbs in breast actives re-stimulate the mammary glands into producing more breast tissue.

breast actives cream

The development of breasts is called mammogenesis, this occurs at certain areas in the breasts called oestrogen receptor sites. The hormone Oestrogen is naturally drawn to these areas to encourage the production of breast tissue, the herbs in breast actives contain a plant based version of the hormone, this is called phyto-oestrogen. This reproduces the action of the natural oestrogen in encouraging the growth of your breasts.

These natural sources of oestrogen are found in many of the herbal extracts used in his product, breast actives ingredients include, Saw palmetto, Wild Yam, Fenugreek, and Fennel seeds. These herbs contain some of the highest levels of natural phyto-oestrogens along with another known breast enhancing natural ingredient called Diosgenin.

Our bodies are constantly subjected to chemicals in our environment that can effect the development of our breasts; these toxins can prematurely end puberty, meaning that our breasts do not develop to their full potential. With a national average cup size of a B there are a lot of women that feel that they are lacking in this area, fortunately the herbal formula in Breast Actives will work within the body to remove these harmful toxins, enabling the growth of new breast tissue.

Breast Actives is an effective natural way of achieving the increased breast size that you desire, just how long this takes will differ from person to person, but on average a women will notice an increase in breast size within 5 to 8 weeks. The makers do recommend that the treatment be taken for six months to achieve maximum gains, an increase of between ½ and 2 cup sizes is to be expected from taking breast actives

Women do vary and the results are dependant on many factors, metabolism and body chemistry will all determine just how well and how quickly this product will work, the official website has breast actives before and after pictures to demonstrate the effectiveness of this product.

Breast actives is the safe alternative to breast enlargement surgery, the herbal ingredients work on your whole body without the risk of any harmful side effects whatsoever. Breast actives uses herbs that can also help with other women’s health issues including pre-menstrual tension, problems during menopause and water retention.

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