7 common mistakes you make while trying to increasing breast size fast

Due to being disturbed by small breasts and becoming less confident for long time, the deep desire for changing life easily makes many women make these common mistakes on increasing breast size fast. Here, I’ve collected them for you.

1. Often clean breasts with soap

Often cleaning breasts with soap will wash away the Keratinocytes on the surface of the skin through mechanical and chemical effect and boost the division and proliferation of cells. If you frequently exfoliate them, partial surface of  breast would become over drying and result in skin swelling. Moreover, the oil keeps your skin lubricating is also gone.

Therefore, to keep breasts clean, it’s better to wash them with warm water. During a week before menstruation, the nipple and areola may get very dry and peeling, so , it’ll be a good idea to use skin creams to  moisten them.

2. Strongly squeezing breasts

This point deserves your big attention. Strongly squeezing breasts usually results in two abuse: first,the soft tissue inside the breasts get hurt or cause internal hyperplasia. Second, the breast shape get changed easily and lead to bosom prolapse.

To avoid breasts being squeezed, there are two keys in mind: ①correct sleeping posture. For women, supine position is the best and do not lie on the same side long, which easily cause breasts growing unevenly; ② while making love, avoid your lover squeezing your breast.

3. Don’t wear bra

Some girls usually doesn’t wear bra for they think that they are still unformed. Actually, it’s totally wrong because wearing no bra for long time finally would result in bosom prolapse and get external damage easily. In fact, as long as you wear bra correctly, their growth won’t be affected.

4. Clean breasts with too hot or too cold water

Don’t clean your breasts with too hot or too cold water, which easily irritates the capillaries around the breasts. Besides, soaking in the bathtub with cold water or hot water too long would also lead to the flab of breast.

5. Exercise make breast bigger

Actually, exercise can’t make breasts bigger, for it without muscle. So why can we increase breast size by doing exercise? Because exercise is able to stimulate the growth of the chest muscle and extrude breasts. Then your breasts look bigger.

6. Use hormone medicines to enhance breasts in adolescence

When girls are in adolescence, their excretion of estrogen from ovary is much. Although hormone medicines can stimulate the growth of breast, it also have lots of potential hazard. If sustained high levels of estrogen in body, women is more likely affected with cancer. Moreover, women who abuse hormone medicines like  Estradiol Benzoate, Diethylstilbestrol may suffer adverse effects including anorexia, nausea, vomiting.

7. Use breast enhancement cream for long time

Most breast enhancement cream contains hormone like substance. As it is applied to the skin and gradually absorbed, the breasts size get increased. Short-term use typically have little hazard. However, long-term use or abuse would result in ①irregular menstruation and breast hyperpigmentation ②dry breast skin
thinning ③making the liver enzyme system disorder and forming cholesterol
calculus. So, use breast enhancement cream with caution, especially use for a long time.