4 Home remedies to increase breast size

Full breasts not merely symbolize beauty but also enhance a woman’s femininity. Women all desire to have large, firm and round breasts. Well, what home remedies can you do to increase breast size without any surgery? Here are four (4) home remedies to increase breast size fast. If you follow them very carefully, what you’ll get are not only remarkable natural breast growth,as well as a boost towards living a healthy and confident life.

Home remedies to increase breast size

Padded or multiple bra can only help you fit clothes better and build a little confidence you need as a woman. But it has no benefit in increasing your breast size.

There are many ways to boost your bust naturally, but we’ll only recommend four of them based on their fast acting, easy practice and abiding results.
The following are 4 best ways to increase breast size fast at home.

1. Regular breast massage to increase breast size fast
2. Performing bust exercise that naturally enhances breast
3. Balancing the reproductive hormones with healthy foods
4. Insisting on aforementioned three ways at least one month

Above four ways to increase breast size are all individually effective. However, as they are combined, the results will be faster and more remarkable.

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Regular breast massage to increase breast size fast

As one of the best home remedies naturally increasing breast size, massaging your breasts regularly would boost blood flow and the flow of phytoestrogens in the bloodstream to the breast. It would also stimulate the production of prolactin, a kind of breast enlarging hormone that is effective in increasing breast size.
A regular breast massage for 15~20 minutes (introduced in boost your bust) every day can effectively increase you breasts by 1~2 cup size in just one month!

Performing bust exercise that naturally enhances breast

Apart from regular breast massage, another way to naturally increase breast size fast is through performing bust exercise.

Bust exercise are what strengthens the pectoralis major muscle. When pectoralis Major, the Muscle area lying directly below the breast, are properly strengthened, your breast size will get increased and become firmer as well. Here, we will only discuss common three exercise that can produce the fast breast size increase you desire equally.

Swinging Arms

Stand straight with the arms by your side. Swing your arms for about 10-15 times in the clockwise direction. Take a 5 seconds break and swing your arms next for about 10-15 times in the anticlockwise direction. Finally repeat this exercise for about 10 minutes. It’s better to do it at regular intervals through the day to increase your breast size effectively in a short span of time.

Rear lateral raise

lateral raise

To do this breast exercise, a pair of dumbbells are required Grab this pair of dumbbells to face each side. Then bend your knees and bend the body over through your hips with the back flat and close to horizontal. Raise your two upper arms to sides and level with the ground. Lower your two arms and then repeat this process for a number of rounds.

Wall Press

wall apress

Face a wall (at arm’s length) and stand straight. Place the palms on the wall and keep pushing against it for about 10 seconds without bending your elbows. Take a break. Repeat this actives for about 20 counts each once in the evening and morning for desirable results.

Balancing the reproductive hormones with healthy foods

Estrogen, as one of the female reproductive hormones, helps shape females sexy curves and Increase their breast size at puberty .

However, this remarkable natural increase in breast size seldom happens to men due to higher amount of testosterone, that is one of the male reproductive hormone.
In fact, both male and females produces estrogen and testosterone.

Men = Less estrogen + More testosterone 

Women =Less testosterone + More estrogen 

As their supposed proportion are broken, there will be side effects occurring in either the male or female

Therefore, when there is minimal production of estrogen and excessive secretion of testosterone, it’ll be a very important factor to cause small breast in a lady .

Don’t worry, controlling or regulating production of testosterone by eating food rich in Phytoestrogen (dietary estrogen or plant estrogen) will give you the secondary development of the breast.

Moreover, not only does taking phytoestrogens increase breast size naturally, but also poss protective actions against kinds of health disorders such as bowel, prostate, and other cancers, brain disorders and heart diseases, which has been proven by related studies.

You can eat below foods rich in phytoestrogen as a way to naturally increase breast size fast.

Nuts and Oil seeds: this type of food includes Fennel seeds, Fenugreek seeds, walnuts, cashew nuts, flax seed, sesame seed, chestnuts, pistachios, and other oil seeds.
Soy Products: including soybeans, soy protein powder, soymilk, soynuts, tofu, soybean oil, soy yoghurt etc.
Whole grain cereals and Bread: types are wheat, barley,wheat germ, corn, brown rice, quinoa, oat, rye, millet, crisp breads or popcorn, wholegrain breads, among many others.
Legumes: Typical Examples to increase breast size fast are beans, green beans, soy beans, mung beans, etc.
Meat Products: such as chicken Chicken, whose products are good examples
Vegetables: such as Fenugreek leaves, winter squash, cucumbers, collards, clover, garlics, beets, carrots, licorice root, Alfalfa, ginseng etc.
Fruits: Good examples are carrots, pomegranate, apples, water melon, peaches, plums, strawberry, raspberry, etc.

Insisting on aforementioned three ways at least one month

Although aforementioned three ways are effective in increasing breast size fast, it still requires your perseverance for at least one month without breaks. As you strictly insist on them, your breasts would give you an amazing result.

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